Saturday, August 25, 2007

Youngbloods Get Together RCA and Nilsson, too.

In 1967 The Youngbloods had their first hit single: Get Together. It wasn't a very big hit. In 1969 it was rereleased and nationally made it to #5.
Why was the same version a hit 2 years later?
In 1969 it was used in a commercial as a theme for National Conference of Christians and Jews. It caught on with record buyers, and it was a hit. Even though The Youngbloods released a lot of singles, this was their only top 40 hit.1967 version with All My Dreams Blue on the flip side
1969 version with Beautiful on the flip side.

This happened to another RCA artist. Nilsson released Everybody's Talkin' in 1968, and did not make the national top 100. Although the local station KFXM played the flip side Don't Leave Me and it got up to #30 in 1968.
It was rereleased in 1969 after being included in the movie Midnight Cowboy and went to #6 nationally. The new flip side was Rainmaker. I couldn't find a copy of that single, but it was on the newer RCA label like the one above.

Bonus single, a promo 45 of their first single. I had a couple of this before I had ever heard of the Youngbloods. I played it and I liked it.
A true story: In an English class I took in high school, the guy I sat next to, played in a local band. The name of the band wasThe YB Blues Band. He told me when they started they called themselves The Youngbloods, but they were contacted by RCA and told to change their names. (His name I don't remember) I do remember the group playing a lot of local concerts, and listed in KFXM as winning a Battle Of The Bands at least once.

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