Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vinyl Record Day Very Interesting Half Dozen

A half dozen of some unusual 45s I own are featured belows
Time Has Come Today-Chambers Brothers This is not the version you know. 1966 version, similar but shorter, with some unusual instrumentation. Cloudy Summer Afternoon-Bud & Travis I have never heard this on the radio, found it used in the 1960s. Laid back folk song, Lovin' Spoonful could have done it. Barry McGuire did do it.
Won a radio station contest in 1967 and received a copy of Wonderful Wino-George Carlin

This was a huge hit instrumental in San Bernardino in 1969. didn't get a copy until about ten years later. The Minotaur-Dick Hyman 7 1/2 minutes of synthesizer, and listed as side 2

Love Get Away-Georgie Fame Pop Jazz Rock song

The Joker Went Wild-Brian Hyland One of the first songs I heard on the radio and really liked. I never realized until recently that it was a Bobby Russell song

Friday, August 08, 2008

Vinyl Record Day

On TuesdayAugust 12, 2008 it will be Vinyl Record Day, the object of top 40 radio affection For more information go to:

http://jabartlett.wordpress.com or for some of the participating blogs

This year's event is going to generate a great deal of good writing on interesting topics, and good tunes as well.