Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Count Five

In 1966 at Lyle's Record City in San Bernardino The Count Five made an appearance, and I was there! This is one of the flyers I picked up. (the autographs are printed) I do have another copy somewhere with real autographs. The Count 5 from San Jose to San Bernardino.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Grass Roots /// Grassroots

I've liked the Grassroots from the beginning doing Bob Dylan's Mr. Jones and Where Were You When I Needed You. One of their best early songs is Only When You're Lonely. One of their best, but forgotten songs. I've enjoyed their music from the middle sixties through the seventies. I think their better songs were the ones that weren't the biggest hits. Let me know if you're a Grassroots fan, and a song you really like by them.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Beatles Playtape

Couple interesting Beatle/George Harrison tapes. First is a "Beatles VI" Playtape that I have. Four songs from that album, but with a much later picture. Its about the size of a cassette tape, but set up to play like a 4 track or 8 track tape.

Second item is a George Harrison 8 track I saw, but did not buy on ebay. The Cloud Nine album. In the 80s they did not make very many 8 tracks, but this was one of them.

KFXM Tiger Mag January 27, 1967

If you haven't visited my other blog It consists of classic radio information and pictures from the Inland Empire - San Bernardino/Riverside. Here is the latest post.
Rolling Stones #1 with Let's Spend The Night Together/Ruby Tuesday

New songs on the top 40 this week include The Byrds-So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star, The Turtles-Happy Together. Couple songs shooting up into the to ten.: #5 Kind of a Drag-Buckinghams #9 I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night-Electric Prunes
New picks are interesting Little Richard with Hurry Sundown (never heard it), Go Where You Eanna Go-Fifth Dimension (this comes right before Up, Up and Away) and one of the best songs on the survey Live by The Merry-Go-Round.
This is the last week for Bill Surrey on KFXM, and Al Anthony doesn't have a regular time slot after this week. He's more into managing the station. Next week Charlie Walters becomes the new guy, when the lineup shrinks from6 to 5 jocks. Since Charlie Walters gets many comments when he is mentioned here.....Next Week a tribute to the new guy! see

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Johnny Rivers Early Songs Put On An Album

Johnny Rivers album of songs that he recorded before he hit with Memphis. A couple of good songs on the album. Put out by Sears. I really like the album cover. The picture shows what can fit in the scanner. Probably a cheap cover for the company, but it's a good cover. There are all kinds of these Johnny Rivers LPs out there with songs he recorded before he hit it big. They were released to take advantage of the star he became in the mid 1960s. They sound nothing like his Whiskey A-Go-Go days. But there are some good songs on these albums.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Loggins & Messina-So Fine

Anyone out there like Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina when they recorded tgether? They put out an album of early rock & roll and country remakes. I dont know if anyone else liked it, but I did and I still do!

They covered on his album:
Oh Lonesome Me
My Baby Left Me
Wake Up Little Suzie
I'm Movin' On
Hello Mary Lou
Hey Good Lookin'
Splish Splash
A Lover's Question
You Never Can Tell
I Like It Like That
So Fine
Honky Tonk Part II
I dont think it has ever been out on CD. Come on Columbia/Sony Records you have put just about everything else out on CD!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Enginer Bill Lois Lane & Superman

Some of my childhood interests were inspired by television shows. Music, radio and record collecting ecentually took over. Here are some tidbits from the past.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bee Gees Mania!

OK I do like the Bee Gees, especially their sixties singles and LPs.
Tell me why there weren't any American issued picture sleeves for their sixties and early seventies singles. There were plenty in all the rest of the world as you can see by these examples.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Beatles & The Rolling Stones

A little variation of the The Beatles Yesterday and Today cover that appeared on the 8 Track version also the sheet music cover for Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones

Buddy Holly & The Crickets

Probably about 15 years ago I went into a thrift store in Pomona and found a whole bunch of Brunswick 45rpm records that looked brand new. It looked like they came out of an old record store. I got a few new copies of It's So Easy/Lonesome Tears by the Crickets (with Buddy Holly). I also picked up a Think It Over by the Crickets (also like brand new). I was lucky then to find these records. Things like that don't happen anymore. If you have a great record find, tell me about it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's The Robot Man!

I collect records, and since people know this, sometimes people give me what they don't want. Well I was going through a box of these "gifts" to get rid of the excess, and I almost threw this away. It was a cover for a 10 inch record and had no record. Then I looked at it. This is a kids record with a smoking robot! Who thought this up? It also must be an old robot, because it has a cane. Is Uncle Mac the robot? So does this mean the robot has a Mac computer brain? Couldn't get the whole picture on the computer, so the above picture from the top, and the second picture from the bottom.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Beatles "Live" At The Hollywood Bowl

1977 Capital released this on record, 8 Track and probably cassette. So whhen will it be out on CD? Couldn't there be an expanded version? The only way to get this on CD now is probably a bootleg. Come on Capital give us a version we can buy in the store! Here is a picture of the 8 track version.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Good Feelins and The Bush

Here are a couple of local Empire Hits from about 1966-1967. Flip of I'm Captured is called End Of A Love