Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Grass Roots /// Grassroots

I've liked the Grassroots from the beginning doing Bob Dylan's Mr. Jones and Where Were You When I Needed You. One of their best early songs is Only When You're Lonely. One of their best, but forgotten songs. I've enjoyed their music from the middle sixties through the seventies. I think their better songs were the ones that weren't the biggest hits. Let me know if you're a Grassroots fan, and a song you really like by them.


Anonymous said...

Big fan of the ROOTS here too.
There seemed to be a certain magic
at Dunhill for their big artists.
They had a consitency of making
one hit after another.

My favorites have to be some of
their lesser hits: Baby Hold On.
Lovin Things is a plus also.
Of course love all their
other stuff too.

Mr. Jones was their first and
so different from what was to
come. Almost a "why did we do that
song". Dylan too ambigious. Guess they got new producers
to pump them up. It worked magically well.

Armando From Colton said...

If you would like to hear a Grassroots concert from the Fillmore West recorded on 10/5/67, visit here:
You have to register to listen but it's free.

Anonymous said...

"Feelings" and "Things I should have said today" are my faves. Rich Brother Robbin played "Things" yesterday on his internet station. Also still like "Sooner or later". Jonny Bruce