Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pre-Collecting Days of Vinyl

Back in the Fifties and early Sixties before I started collecting records, like most people, my parents owned some records, a few 78s and a few 45s. Along with this they had a small single play record player that played all speeds with a steel needle. It was the kind they allowed me to play, and I did.
Later they bought me some records. The small yellow kids records (45/78) with the small hole. The Disney yellow 45 rpms in the booklets, and least two LPs.

Two of the 78 I played over and over again were The Muscrat Song and The Hole In The Ground, both I believe by Tex Ritter. Also I'm Hogtied Over You by Tenesee Ernie Ford & Ella Mae Morse
I remember two of the small yellow records. "Frosty The Snowman" "The Little Red Wagon". I played those to death. "Treasure Island" was the Disney 45s in the book.
The 45s I remember were I'm Throwing Rice/Show Me The Way Back To Your Heart-Eddy Arnold and The Old Spinning Wheel-Hank Snow & Chet Atkins and Christmas Boogie/Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer by Honey Chile Robinson

There were also two kids albums my parents bought me. A Captain Kangaroo Album that included the songs I Love A Parade, Waltzing Maltilda and Johnny One Note, and an album that included different Disney soundtrack cuts including Peter Pan and Pinichio

Of all these records all that I think is left in my collection is the Honey Chile Robinson 45. It used to have a picture sleeve, but I remember my dad tearing it half and throwing it away. I think he tore everything in half he threw away.
Oh yes, my parents also had a Bing Croby Christmas album, and the singer Sewing machine Christmas Album!

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