Friday, August 10, 2007

Vinyl Record Day

Sunday August 12th is Vinyl Record Day and there is a coordinated effort from to make the most of it.
Jb at The Hits Just Keep on Comin' has organized this, head in that direction and you can check it out.
Vinyl Record Day is Sunday, Aug. 12, which turns out to be the 130th anniversary of the invention of the phonograph by Thomas Edison.
How will the vinyl record be celebrated? Probably by most bloggers talking about record collecting.

I started collecting records in the summer of 1966, and the first record was a 45 Batman Theme by The Marketts. Following that I bought all three for 1.00 closeout 45s for awhile, including Hanky Panky, Psychtic Reaction, Sunny, You Keep Me Hanging On, Guantanmera. I didn;t buy a current hit until I purchased I'm A Believer and Snoopy Vs The Red Baron at White Front.

First 33 1/3 vinyl I bought was a cheapie, an album of Beatle covers by The Sparrows called That Mersy Sound For the longest time I liked their version of Do You Want To Know A Secret better than The Beatles. The first current album I bought was More Of The Monkees

Where did I buy my vinyl? White Front, Two Guys, Wollworths, and local record store Lyle's Record City.
Below picture sleeve I bought years later (a little raggedy) but Donovan really reminds me of the first year I listened to the radio and bought records. Sunshine Superman and Mellow Yellow were huge hits, and the radio played his olderstuff all the time (Catch The wind, Universal Soldier, Colours, Josie)

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