Friday, August 24, 2007

Thee Zends

I found this acetate a few years ago. I can't remember where, when or what I paid for it. It was probably in a box of 45s I bought.
Little Girl is the Syndicate of Sound song, so this was recorded in 1966 or later. The group does a decent version.
The flip, Meet Stella must be an original. Definitely garage rock, but the song starts out with a mention of Dion's Runaround Sue, and starts comparing her to Stella. I would never had thought of using the name Stella in a song.
Anyone familiar with Thee Zends? Where are they from? Anyone not familiar with acetates? They are usually made as demos, and very few are made. Each member of the group probably got one, plus some sent out to record companies, and radio stations. This one is larger than a 45, about an 8 inch record.


Unknown said...

My stepbrother Irwin "Cappy" Kaplan was lead singer and guitar for that band. He was 6' 4", 300 lbs., red-haired, and Jewish. I last saw him in Oregon in 1971. Great guy, had the blues in his bones.

Jebariah Kaplan said...

I belive you are talking about my dad. Name and descripption match. Any clue on where I could find this record?

Heidi said...

this record was recorded in 1966 in Los angeles county by a local band. Lead singer Ernie, lead guitar player Art, base player Dan. And drummer Keith.

Percival said...

Hi Jebariah, I may be your uncle Mark. Well, my name is Mark and I may be your uncle. I hope all is well with you. As to the record, as I (vaguely) recall it was recorded and pressed by a small studio that no longer exists- I sure don't have a copy. If you ask the owner real nice maybe he can rip an audio file of it for you. Good luck.