Thursday, August 16, 2007


30 years ago today Elvis left us.

I was working at the library, and Hector (or Joe, dependeing on who you ask)) said, "Let's take a break and go get something to drink. so we took my car over to (insert fast food place name here). The radio was turned on and Elvis' death was announced. All Hector could say was " I can't believe Elvis is dead."

That's where I was at when I heard the news.

Any contributions on where you were at, or what you were doing when you heard the news.


Bill Earl said...

Based on everything I have studied for over 30 years w/ a fine tooth comb, I am convinced that Presley did NOT die in August 1977, as I believe he was/is in the federal witness protection program.

From the "sweating" non-Elvis looking waxish figure in the overly heavy coffin, saying "adios" for the very first time after his last concert, no collection on his life insurance policy, no reordering of jumpsuits etc etc, makes me believe that he did NOT die in August 1977.

I have no evidence one way or another that he is alive TODAY.

I hope the truth DOES come out someday when we can learn just WHY Presley dropped out of the public eye 30 years ago.

By the way, my favorite Presley song is the rarely played bossa-nova-ish "Almost In Love." Preseley at his best, in my book.

BiLL Earl

Cassandra_Moderna said...

It was in the evening, I remember it was dark, and I was walking down an unpaved road along the beach at the north end of Kamari village on the island of Santorini, just outside the discoteque. A Greek guy I knew came running up to me, yelling, "O Elvis pethani! Elvis pethani!" and he held out his forearm and indicated that it was the result of Elvis shooting up "hashish," as he put it. This I will never forget.

Anonymous said...

I was visiting relatives in Northern Wisconsin and driving around in a rental car when the news came on the car radio.

jfoaktown said...

I was in college, at a party, hugging the toilet when the news came.