Sunday, April 01, 2007

More rare 45s

I had a request for some more rare 45s. This time they are local to me. San Bernardino, Ca. issues
I know nothing about these. Anyone have any idea of any history? I'm so Happy/So In Love With You-Dupremes on the Dupremes Production label
I'll Come Running/River of Tears-Harold Dorman - Roland James Orch Tince Records
Tip Toes-Boots Faye/Dreamy Moon-Boots & Idaho Callfaye Records


Anonymous said...

Interesting local 45s.
Never heard or saw these.
Especially the Harold
Dorman (MOUNTAIN OF LOVE fame).
Guess there was stuff out
there before Bill Bellman of
KFXM made his own productions.

Anonymous said...

The Harold Dorman is from roughly the same time as "Mountain of Love" - Roland James (Sun session guitarist) operated the label (Rita) that "Mountain of Love" was released on in 1960. Surely the Tince release was a distribution deal. "Tip Toes" was released c. 1962 on RCA, but I believe your copy is considerably older - early to mid '50's. (I have the RCA re-release.) Both records are probably rarer than the alternate labels (Rita, RCA).