Saturday, April 07, 2007

Interesting Remakes

These are a few singles released in the sixties remaking older songs, that I think were good enough to get played on the radio. They weren't in my local area and they didn't even chart nationally. Did anyone ever hear these versions in their hometown? Little Bitty Pretty One by Jewel Akens was more of a rock arrangement than the original. A lot different than the Birds and The Bees, his hit in 1965. Colgems 66-1009 puts it out in late 1967.
If this said The Beatles instead of The Fourmost, it would have been another hit for Capital Records. The arrangement is very similar to The Beatles version. They had Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby out at the time (1966)

If Louis Armstrong released this after Hello Dolly! he could have had two hits in a roll. Instead this was released in 1968. The flip side is When You Wish Upon A Star. After all it is on Buena Vista Records

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