Wednesday, April 04, 2007


The last posting were local records that were not hits.
Here we have records that were smash hits in the Inland Empire area, but never dented the national charts. Although Classic rock stations do play Mr. Soul Mr. Soul/Bluebird-Buffalo Springfield
Harmonica Man/Our TeenageLove-Torquays
Bring Back Those Doo-Wopps/Green Power-Bagdads

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Anonymous said...

Never did understand why MR SOUL
was not a big big national hit.
It rocks beginning to end.
Not only that, the flipside,
BLUEBIRD, got the same airplay.
I guess we knew better on the west

The Baghdads song here is also
of interest to locals. Just one
of those songs played in the IE
that, wisely enough, the program
chiefs knew it would appeal to
the doo woppers. They played it
often enough at KFXM. I almost
thought they were being paid to play it over and over and over....
Well, I still like that song!!!