Friday, July 20, 2007

More unusual 45 rpm singles

Ambrose (Part Five). I think it is actually part 1, or maybe they never released the first 4 parts.. There was a sequel later, that I've never heard.
This is an unusual song about a girl and guy walking along with the girl doing the most talking. The guy is Ambrose and he sounds like a tough street character.
What is unusual is that I have two teenage daughters, who heard this and thought it was wonderful. That I did not understand. The oldest had to have a copy to play herself. Early Eddie Rabbitt. The fliop side is called Six Nights and Seven Days. I like a lot of his songs, andI thought it was unusual that he had a record on this label Rosie & The Originals. don't know if it's an authentic autograph or not, but it only cost me50 cents.


Harley Davidson said...

With the number of appearances she's done over the last 40+ years, the autograph is likely the real deal. 10 years ago, Rosie, like Brenton Wood and San Bernardino's Al Wilson were EVERYWHERE.

Anonymous said...

Hey great stuff there.
I like this pop stuff.