Saturday, July 07, 2007

Boenzee Cryque

In 1967 I won a package of 45 rpm records from KFXM. One of the records (what the other ones were I don't remember) was Sky Gone Gray by Bonezee Cryque. I knew nothing about the group. I played the song and it was really strange, but interesting enough (actually strange enough) to listen to again. Maybe it was the flip side Still In Love With You Baby (a Beau Brummels song) that got me to play the record more.
The date was written on this record when I received it (3/25/1967), so it might have been played on the station, but I don't remember ever hearing it.
Found out later that the group was from Colorado (huge hit in Colorado), and that Rusty Young, who later was in POCO, was a member of this group.

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Danny said...

I would rob my best friend to get a hold of that 45! Lucky you ..