Friday, November 30, 2007

K/mentertainer November 25, 1967

In my other blog I have posts on the radio stations KFXM and KMEN, if interested go to
K/men Contests in 1967 Pictures of Mark Ford and Robert E. Walker
Randy Seol of the Strawberry Alarm Clock. The Inland Empire connection.

More pictures of Donovan with the K/men
Kenny O'Dell beating out Bobby Vee's version of Beautiful People for airplay on KMEN and KFXM
Later he would write country hits. I've heard he wrote for Charlie Rich in the 1970s.
#1 Daydream Believer-Monkees
Highest debut on the 30 #27 Judy In Disguise-John Fred
Good song debut at #30 Summer Rain-Johnny Rivers

Favorites among the NEW Hit Bounds thia week. Nobody But Me-Human Beinz and Wear Your Love Like Heaven-Donovan
Hey, Snoopy's Christmas-Royal Guardsmen making it as a Hit Bound in November, and one of the Most Requested.

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Anonymous said...

I remember attending the KMEN Valley of the Ruins (I think late 60's) where they buried some sort of treasure in a dirt field near the entrance to Reche Canyon. Listeners were invited to stake a claim by pounding a stick in the ground where they thought the "treasure" was buried. I happen to drive by the location this last weekend, and it jogged my memory. It certainly has changed.