Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Bush The Light.....Record Show

There wasn't a swap meet this last weekend at the Orange Show grounds, but there was a Record Show in Claremont. CA. I went to on Sunday. Lot of expensive stuff, some cheap stuff (bought a lot of 45s for 10 cents each!)I bought two garage band CDs.
The Bush which includes local hits Who Killed The Ice Cream Man?/Feeling Sad and Lonely/Don't You Fret, Some live cuts and demos. 27 songs plus a bonus.
The Light had one single on A&M with Back Up/Music Box with a similar CD with 25 songs.
I'm very happy with both.


Duane said...

THE LIGHT played at my high school in 1967. What is the label of the CD and # so we can order it. Thanks.
Duane (THEN from Ontario)

Anonymous said...

I looked in my high school yearbook and sure enough The Light played Duarte Hi in September 1967. I, too, would like to order this CD, as my 40th reunion is this November. I could not find it on Amazon, so I too will need the label and any numbers that I can order it.

Wendy 1967 DHS

Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen it, the September 23 posting has all that information