Monday, June 11, 2007

Space Invaders and some answer records

Early video games included a game called Space Invaders. Someone named Uncle Vic recorded a song based on the game. It was a fun record, but the only place I've ever heard it was on the Dr. Demento show. Space Invaders has disappeared forever. My 16 year had never heard of the game. Answer songs were sometimes popular. I'm Normal was the answer to They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha!! Ha!! The Emperer is actually "Emperer" Bob Hudson from KRLA and other Southern California stations.

The answer song to Ode To Billy Joe-Bobbie Gentry solves some of mystery and tells some later "events" The Mystery of Tallahatchie Bridge-Roger White

Take 2001 Space Odyssey Theme add a little banjo, and that kind of exlains the title. I guess this is the country answer to Also Sprach Zarathustra. 2002 R.F.D. by The Douglas Brothers

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